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My art work is confronts human condition's including The physical Landscape of the body, The subconscious Abstract expressionist concepts "dream state" as well as the Social Moral and behavioral conflicts in today’s Polarized human rights. Expressions of my work are executed through technique, medium metaphor and dialog with a multimedia approach I rarely limit’s myself to one medium.So I can assign specific materials to fit my conceptual political and moral subject matters. Mediums, wood, clay, bronze, watercolor, ink-prints and abstracted photography. I use multiple platforms to show case my ideas including, Sculpture, Paintings, Installations, Video and Performance.  Working in 
Artist Statement
All organic beings must change adept and come to themselves through the process of humanity. I am living out my humanity.  It is my ultimate goal to be an Agent for change. Art can be rational, suggestive and call to mind things that are forgotten or hidden, it can alert us to what has been set aside, ignored and left to fend on its own. What is rooted in our minds or touching the surface of our conciseness, I’m interested in giving voice and form to these unique human experiences. Angela Broadbent 
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Pintrest: www.pintrest.comAngeleighty3

I was born in Salt Lake City but I’m well traveled, I have worked in the arts for 18 years as, tour guide, teacher, and curator.  I have a multimedia approach when its comes to materials and I work in sculpture, painting, photography and performance I have held two Artist Residency’s by the Kearns arts board and Capital Ceramics. Since graduating form collage. I have been working on public commissions for murals in my style in the Salt Lake Valley. I am working to build up my community through Mentoring and consultation other perspective career artist and making work enough to have multiple solo and collaborative exhibitions every year. I work full time out of my studio in West Jordan Utah 

Full -CV
Bachelors BFA 3D studio art Brigham Young University 2015
Associates degree fine Art from Slat lake community collage 2015
Scholarships/awards/Significant Grants
Spring -3D Studio Arts Award Of Merit  
Summer-3D Studio Arts Award Of Merit
Winter-3D Studio Arts Award Of Merit 
Winter-Brigham Young Grant 
Winter-2015 Visual Arts Award Of Merit 
Winter-3D Studio Arts Award Of Merit 
Fall -Brigham Young Grant 
Fall-Ruth Ellsworth Knudsen grant 
Spring-Visual Arts Grant 
Winter-William Shelly Grant
Fall- Lora McPherson Grant
Spring- Visual Arts Award Of Merit 
Fall-2001 Rosenblatt Scholarship
Nominated for a BFA Scholarship to Chicago institute of art 
Exhibitions/Gallery Representation 
 -6/28/ to 7/31/ -Open Studio- Summer Show -5506 Lilac Ave West Jordan UT- (Solo exhibition-Multimedia Photography)
-4/2015-2019 Art Access -Gallery230 E. 500 W Salt Lake City UT. 84081 (Gallery Rep-Watercolor/Sculpture)
-1/4/to 3/30/-Pro-life March Photographer-350 N. State Street Salt Lake City UT 84103 (Photography)
 -4/2015-2019 Art Access -Gallery230 E. 500 W Salt Lake City UT. 84081 (Gallery Rep-Watercolor/Sculpture)
-10/27-28/- Open Studio -Lights In The Dark-5506 Lilac Ave West Jordan UT–(Solo exhibition-Multimedia Photography)
 -9/14-15/-Addictive Behavior Motor Company- 454 500 W Salt Lake City UT (Solo Spray Paint Mural)
 -8/2-31/-6/29-30/-Open Studio -Pink- 5506 Lilac Ave West Jordan UT  (Multimedia Photography  -Solo exhibition) 
-5/5/ to 6/31/-Open Studio- Exhibition & discussion with the Artist- 5506 Lilac Ave West Jordan UT (Solo Exhibition-Sculpture)
 -4/27/ -Open Studio- Perseverance Show -5506 Lilac Ave West Jordan UT (Solo exhibition sculpture /Curators Invitational- Sculpture)
 -3/1-29/30-31/ -Open Studio- SPECT- Lively Discussion 5506 Lilac Ave West Jordan UT (Solo exhibition Curators 
-11/3/-12/30/-Schorr Gallery-The Sublime Thought-8000 S Redwood Rd, Fl 3rdWest Jordan UT-(35 Watercolors-Solo Exhibition) 
 -7/8-9/- Addictive Behavior Motor Company -454 E 500 W Salt Lake City UT-
(Collaborative Spray Paint-Mural)
 -6/20/7/28 Open Studio- SPECT Exhibition-&-SPECT Re-boot Exhibition - Capital Ceramics-Residency Show- 2601 S Constitution Blvd Ste 100, West Valley City UT 84119-(Solo Exhibition-Sculpture-Private Collectors & Curator invite
-11/8-9/-Addictive Behavior Motor Company-454 E. 500W.Salt lake city UT- (Collaborative -Spray Paint Mural)
-4/29-30/- Open Studio SPECT-Public Discussion W/Artist -6944 South Silver Fox Drive Kearns Utah (Sculpture-Private Collectors Only) 
-4/4/- 5/28/-Union Station gallery- Emotions Exhibition- 2549 Washington Blvd Ogden UT- (Group Exhibition-Sculpture-Curated by Angela Broadbent)
 -3/1/-/7/2- Nomenclatures-Art Access Gallery Art Access 230 E. 500 W. Salt lake city, UT (Group Exhibition-Sculpture-Curated by Angela Broadbent)
 -3/17/- 4/9/-Texture show- Art 270 Gallery-270 E 500 W. Salt Lake City UT –(Duel Artist Exhibition-Watercolor)
-12/17/2015 1/9/2016-B66 Show- Harris Fine Arts Gallery- 800 E Campus Dr. Provo UT-(Group Exhibition- Installation/Sculpture)
-4/4/2014 to 5/31/2015- Communal Systems providence RI (Group Exhibition-Acrylic)
 -3/13/-Pallinopsia Exhibition- 286 Gallery-1200 Town Centre Blvd Provo UT-(Group Exhibition- Sculpture)
 -2/19/ to3/11/ -Mayhew Show Gallery-800 E Campus Dr, Provo UT- (Group Exhibition- Sculpture)
 -2/27/- 3/5/-Bravais Lattice- Harris Fine Arts Gallery -800 E Campus Dr, Provo UT 84602-(Solo Exhibition-Installation/Sculpture)
 -1/23-24/ -To Be Like A Child Watercolor Gallery 260- 260 S. Main Street Provo UT-(Solo Exhibition-100 Watercolors)
-12/5/-Chip Chop Show- 575 University Mall Orem UT- (Group Exhibition-Performance)
-10/1/ to 11/26/-Abstract Show- Art 270 Gallery-270 South Main St. Salt Lake City UT 84101- (Group Exhibition-Watercolor) 
-5/12/- 7/3/- Art of the Century Exhibition- Woodbury Art Museum- 575 University Mall Orem UT-(Group Exhibition-Sculpture)
-4/15/- 5/31/- Spring Salon- Springville Museum of Art 126 e 400 S Springville UT 84663 (Group exhibition-Sculpture)
-9/5/to10/4/- Fire place- An Installation open studio- Site Specific Provo UT (Solo exhibition Interactive/Installation-Sculpture)
 -8/1-29/ -Mamma Said- installation Open Studio  800 E campus Dr, Provo UT 84602 (Interactive Installation-Solo Exhibition)
 -6/7/- Labels Gallery Stroll 800 E Campus Dr, Provo UT 84602 (Interactive Installation -Group Exhibition)
-4/2/-4/4/-Student Show Brigham Young University-800 E campus Dr, Provo UT 84602(Group Exhibition- Sculpture)
 -2/7/-3/31/- Red show-169 N University Ave Provo UT 84601- (Group Exhibition-Sculpture)
-4-7/2004- Spring Salon- Springville Art Museum-126 e 400 S. Springville UT 84663-(Group Exhibition-Sculpture)
 -7/2003-Salt Lake Country Fair -Professional Division-2100 W 11400 S, South Jordan, UT 84095(Group Exhibition- Sculpture)
 -7/2002- Salt Lake County Fair- Professional Division -2100 W 11400 S, South Jordan, UT 84095(Group Exhibition- Sculpture)
-4-7/2001- Springville Art Museum-126 e 400 S Springville UT 84663 (Group Exhibition- Sculpture)
 -2001-Salt Lake County Fine Arts Show -2100 w 11400 S South Jordan UT 84095 (Group Exhibition- Watercolor)
 -2001-Granite School District Utah -5525 cougar lane Kearns UT 84118- (Group Exhibition- Sculpture- Best in show)
 -7/9/2001 - Magna library-2675 south 8950 W magna UT 84044-(Duel-Artist’s Exhibition- Sculpture)
 -4-7/2000- Spring Salon-Springville Art Museum -126 E. 400 S. Springville UT 84663 (Group Exhibition-Sculpture)
Kearns Arts Board 2001-2003
Capital Ceramics Artist in Resident 2016-2017
 Commissions, Collaborations,Collectors 
2009  P&S Braunberger, W.Braunberger  
2011  Cornerstone Counseling Center Mural draper Utah
2015  Ashley, Burella 
2016  Addictive Behavior motor work, Braunberger 
2017  Addictive Behavior motor works, Hobbs, Ross
2018  Addictive Behavior motor works ,Bugby, Chacons, Hesters Gerbers  
2001 Gallery Curator for the Row bottoms art gallery in RI
2007-2011 After school Art program with foster children West Jordan 
2004-2005 Meals on wheels, Henretta Ok 
Building for HUD Housing Springville MO.
Half way house for women and children Neveda MO 
2005-2006 Early reading program elementary school Siloam Springs Arkansaw 
Stop smoking program teachers Tulsa Oklahoma 
Library service reading to children Cleveland OK
Skills and Qualifications              
Owner Of Gemini Twins Art Studio & Photography LLC
House of Hope Assistant coordinator 
Wax chaser/Sculptor 
Photography Studio
Teaching and Instructing
Taught modeling, sculpture and pottery techniques.
Instructed in watercolor painting and drawing
Assisted ED teaching disabled students in general art education 
Instructed large groups and Private Instruction/Tutoring 
Costumer service 
Reception, Client check in cash handling 
Handled customer complaints, assisted customer in finding product 
Met sales goals through customer service
Provided assistance in determining the best possible product for artist application. 
Administrative and Operation management
Managed cash handling procedures adhered to company policies and procedures
Managed and maintained kilns, equipment, organized daily operation of studio.
Gemini Twins Art Studio & Photography LLC                March 2020-Present 
House of Hope                                                                    Aug 2019-March 2020
Adonis Bronze                                                                     Apr 2019- Jun 2019
Curator University of Utah                                                 Feb 2018 -Jan 2019
Private consultant/ Professional artist/ Curator.          June 2015- Present   
Private instructor For Neuroworxs                                   April 2017- May 2018.                                
Capital ceramic                                                                    Aug 2016- 2018
Granite School District/ Substitute Teacher                   Sep 2015 – Aug 2016
Brigham Young University                                                 Jan 2013 – Dec 2014
Technician Assistant                                                           Jan 2014-Aug 2015 
Creativity Studio                                                                   Aug 2014 –Dec 2015
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Artist Angela Broadbent Blog Current themes 2020
I have been very productive the last three mouths august,september,october making brand new multimedia prints. three brand new shops came out of this period of creativity which includes 120 new prints The halloween magic in the night series. Neverland with halloween vibes and November Vibes The Frist series has more an emphasis on traditional halloween themes like ghost Skeltons, pumpkins, cats halloween moons,The Neverland shop has more images that are whimsical and landscaped meadows,woodland adventures,fairies and course ship imagery 

 Up-coming Themes 2020-2021
I'm currently exploreing the recesses of the mind dream subjects, The idenity of place association’s and theames in dream state well as body landscapes,I draw on my own personal life as well as the experiences of others who I am close too. I tap into moral beliefs and spirituality. my most recent works have included topics that relate to neurological disorders, Technology addiction, and pro-life. my daily art practice includes 3-5 hours in the studio a day except sundays. I research in medical journals, sketching from anatomy books, sculpt/paint and look at word play. when I have free time I like to work on Photography and photo manipulation through abstraction. and to read dream journals and poetry I regularly takes excursions and explore nature, and work on my physical body through exercise I engaging with other artist and colleages regulary on the phone in there spaces and have serious conversations. my daily observation and contacts with other professionals and intellectuals in a range of professional fields. Give me a unique insight and opportunity’s to work with artist and curators all over Utah I am a seasoned artist I enjoy mentoring and consulting other emerging artist, to help them break into the gallery realm I hold personal interviews give advice and know many many artist collabortions with artist give her a wealth of ideas and connections in the art world that are uncommon in Utah and make me a unique amoung my peers update: 2022 Still work ing on this series will have some videos of my processes on youtube instragm and tiktok soon.
work is Influenced and rooted in artist that are still making amazing work into their old ages artist like, Antony Gormley, Anna Gillespie Gerhard Dametz and Jason Tasang. She also loves the color and sculpture play of Shinataro Ohata, Vigland Oslo, Willie Veriner, Nino Sarabutra, and Ronit Baranga, Textures are inspired by,Valley Nomidou, Ursla Von Rydingsvard. Her performance and fearlessness is influenced heavily by Ann Hamilton and Marina abromovic. Some of the best installation artist and performances artist of all time.  I work with clay metal and wood these are my chosen materials in regards to my sculptural works and I use traditional modeling and contemporary techniques in my sculptures and most of my sculptures are more organic in nature and fit vary nicely with my abstract work across all the mediums I use. Update 2022 I working now on my Baby cakes series this will be sculpture work that dress a social norm in our society and looks at the true value of pre-born humans keep and eye out I will be updating very soon on youtube, instagram facebook and tictok 
Multimedia Photography
My style comes form looking at the world in a vary close up way examining textures of all kinds Associationsto objects, landscapes as well as natural things in our world.  I also draw from abstract expressionist back ground but I’m influenced by the contemporary expressions in design is use multimedia and computer to achieve the layering in my work this allows me to take something ordinary and turn into something completely original. 
Watercolor Painting,
I primarily use automatism technique, in my watercolor and painting work. With specific erratic brush strokes and a splatter technique and layering. Using method has helped me achieved the meridian of textures and overlaid colors. That is difficult to get in watercolor. My abstracted approach to painting watercolor helps me generate new ideas and access the unconscious. I have been deeply influenced by the Abstract expressionism movement. Automatist technique is marked by Random decision and random mark making. And is a smaller movement within abstract expressionism. I’m influenced by Surrealism of the 1920-1930, which is rooted in Freudian theology and Andre Bretons surrealist manifesto and poetry. Freud was a bit crazy but a lot of interesting work came out of his circle of influence. Like Herman Rosharch who wasn’t an artist at all but a physiologist. He made the first inkblots.Rorschach’s was inspired by German doctor named Justin’s Kernerin1857 he published a book of poems which were inspired by an accidental inkblot. At turn of the century, psych experiments with inkblots were used briefly to study imagination and consciousness. His work did not improve the mentally ill. However it did spark an interest the expressionist movement and created a dialog about visual perception. It certainly influences how I generate ideas for my paintings. The abstract itself is a way to access unconscious thought. I feel it is key element to connecting with the viewer.  Update: 2022 I have not been working in this medium and don't pan to this year.
My performance’s come from trying to make sense of my personal experiences Much of my work is based on my education which has taken me almost 30 years to achieve in full. Much of this has to do with genetic disposition and learning disability’s and some due to personal circumstance’s 
I have performance’s that discuss the other side of education that one that has little understanding for people with different brains and little compassion for the persons with it.

The freedom of expression that art has give me in times when there were no words to express my feelings. I believe that in the act of performance itself changes us, test our endurance, our patience and our willingness to keep going in the face of seeming impossible odds.

I am influenced by M Abromivich especially by her early and more recent work delve into all the subjects that I care about especially the value of artist in the world. with her “The artist is present “ my objective is to connect others to experiences outside of the passive viewer which we are so often used to because of the advances in technology and entertainment we often take a passive role in issues that Are a real serious problem in our world. in all my performances There is an expectation in audience participation this direct invites them to be active participants in all issues, the situations which are too often commercialized and treated with a unhealthy level of jest We cannot be passive in a world that still holds deep injustices we must gain a level of compassion understanding and a greater level of action My work deals with topics of  violence, politics, abortion, basic human rights to dignity, disability, and disease. 

Art Practice blog update 2022 :this is a project that will be in production this year the parable of the well
currently working on installation works for dream shoot
working in making chain link skirts and putting together all the elements for the frist of three triptychs in this series 
stay tuned these works will come available on my website as limited editions as soon as they are finished. dead line the end of the year