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My main body of my work focuses in on the edges of human experience, I have a strong conviction of the unseen and my work embodies a certain spirituality in its undertakings, I am interested in understanding the ways in which childhood experience’s stay with us as adults and how they can influence our daily lives. I am passionate about fantasy, and fairytales, and the effect that dreams play in the waking world of an individual on a deep level even a subconscious one.

My work focuses on the unseen, the unbelievable, the fabled and often the dusty, overgrowth of the forgotten. Just as my work embodies experimentation, so is my life one big experiment.



* 2020 Projection video

* 2019 Art In Form Show shown at Gateway Mall

*2018 Kinetic Fusion- Video Projection

* 2017 Gittens Gallery Student Art Show.

*2016 Addicted Motorcycle company Spray paint Mural Competition

*2016 Solo Show “ Layers of depth”

*2015  Provo art Walk  Solo Show “ Into the Mirror”

*2014  Salt Lake Community College Student art show

*2014 Volunteers of America Counseling Center Private Murals “ Fairy tails”

*2014 Private Mural “ Hundred Acre Wood”

*2004 Utah State Fair “ Metal Dragon” Best Of Show

*2001 Springville



  • University of Utah Bachelor Degree in Sculpture intermedia

  • Salt Lake Community College Associates Degree With a focus on Figural and Landscape Painting

  • Minor in Metal Works through Salt Lake Community College




2017  Officer at the University of Utah Arts Club

2017 Officer at the University of Utah Arts Club

2018 Officer at the University of Utah Sculpture Club

Manager and creator of Aurora Studios for 2 years.

Co-founder of Gemini Twins art studios and Photography




Artist Biography

Jennifer Bohn


I grew up and live in Utah and live with my husband and 2 children. I Graduated in the spring of 2019 just as the Covid Pandemic hit. I spent the last semester stuck doing online courses which are not ideal for an artist at the University Of Utah. I obtained my bachelor’s degree as a Sculpture Major.a nd due to the pandemic could not have a graduation ceremony. Despite these challenges I was happy to graduate after working hard for 4 years.

I have opened my own online studio in partnership with my twin sister Angela Broadbent known as Gemini Twins Art Studio and Photography.

I have taught private lessons and workshops over the years and have enjoyed teaching others what I know and help them to make work and hone their creative skills. We also sell collections of our works and put up new content every season. I am known in the art world for my fantasy like sculptures.

The most notable pieces I have shown are.

“Even the Trees Will Choke” Which was a piece I created for a grant I received from Sciff, this is a sustainability grant offered at the University of Utah.  This was on display last Spring in 2018 at the Marriot Library. This piece was a statement on Air Quality it stands over 8ft tall and lights up at the base. It is made entirely out of Recyclable material aside from the Dirty resin swirl that wraps around my tree nymph and appears to cause it respiratory distress. The piece was designed to be large, impactful, and emotional.  See image here

Another couple of notable pieces were shown at the student-run show at the gateway mall.  Called “art inform” The pieces I was able to show were A piece called “ Air Dragon” and a ripped canvas sculpture entitled “Dream Portals”

Air Dragon was over 16ft long and draped on the upper railing of the Building at the gateway mall lobby, made out of fabric, metal zip ties, resin, cardboard and light it appeared to float in mid-air.

Dream Portals was made with ripped canvas, zip ties, aluminum and alcohol inks, light was also used in this piece to make a dreamy glow.

I have also shown my work in a Solo show known as  Fictitious Whimsey where I had over 100 pieces on display.

Public works that have been displayed are 2 spray paint murals displayed at the Addicted Motorcycle company one titled “Motorcycle Galaxy and the other “ Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling” Both can be viewed by the public, Murals are hung in their warehouse on location.

I had a 10ft metal dragon on display at the State Fair This Piece won me a 1st prize and $500 I also sold this piece to a local band.

I have done Murals For over 10 years and a large part of my career has been involving painting and of course ceramic sculpture.

I have also created many large-scale Ceramic dragons that have made there way around local shows and state fairs.

I have sold a number of paintings, murals watercolors, and Ceramics over the years as well as public works and private works to collectors. My work has sold all over the US. To private collectors and different markets everywhere.

My hope is to continue doing what I love and what I am passionate about. I create because I am created. I make because it is a divine gift not to be squandered. I share because my gift is to be shared with others. I am an artist because I need art like I need air.

Thanks for reading!

Jennifer Chacon

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